To catch a rainbow


Sussegad in Goa

I’ve had wonderful experiences of my very many trips to Goa. There was a time when we would be in Goa 4-5 times a year. That slowly waned as life and other things reigned supreme. The type of trips to Goa also changed as time passed. Shack stays turned to resorts, south Goa weighed over the more ‘popular’ north, but the slumming away on the beaches, the sussegad* way of life and the feelings the place evoked remained the same.

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360º – A walk to remember

My friend Tina and I were vegging out one afternoon at her awesome apartment located at the Dubai Marina. We were bored and were deliberating that we find a place to let our hair down and listen to some music. BB (Tina’s husband) suggested 360º, an iconic, energetic and trendy beach club for its amazing night view of the city among other things. He then proceeded to make reservations for the three of us that evening. When we reached the Jumeirah beach hotel, the view took my breath away!
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