To catch a rainbow


The Arabian desert safari

After a leisurely breakfast/brunch earlier in the day at Jones the grocer, Tina and I decided on the Desert Safari which was on my to do list at Dubai. Plans were made for us to be picked up close to her apartment block and we received a call from the Safari organizers saying that a black land cruiser was waiting for us near a specific landmark. It was all pretty straightforward.
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Route number 001

A couple of years ago, three of us who lived 30 kilometers and more from the office decided to do our bit to reduce the carbon foot print (And also escape the mind boggling Bangalore traffic with self-driving:)). The office cab was our option. “Let’s give it a shot” – we chorused. So there we were – Deep, Rumana and me from the north side of the city. The good thing was that all of us would be in the same cab. Route No 001 was the cab assigned and we decided to avail the cab facilities from the following day.
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Sleeping in a tree anyone?

My very good friend Dinesh was visiting after a long time. He’s been living in Germany for the last 6 years and is now considering coming back to India and rejoin his family business. Dinesh and his mom came over for lunch a few days ago and we caught up on life and other things.
During the course of our conversation, we started discussing our bucket lists 🙂
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