Phobidden fruit

On a lazy friday afternoon, a while ago, three friends – Ameya, Dhiman and I had this urge to try out Southeast Asian food. Phobidden Fruit – a Vietnamese restaurant close by beckoned and we drove there . This Indiranagar restaurant is nestled amongst residential  houses.
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My Iftar food walk

Iftar is the religious observance of breaking a fast  when the azaan is called out by muezzins from mosques after sunset. This happens during the holy month of Ramadaan or Ramzaan like how it is known here in in India. About five years ago, we started going to the iftar spreads to indulge in the meaty treats at Frazer town, Bangalore. It continues even now.

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And the beats go on

It had started drizzling slowly on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Post lunch with nothing to do, a few family members and I decided to go on a drive. It was the perfect weather and we were on our way. There is nothing more blissful than when you are in your car, with an open road ahead of you and most importantly having your favorite music accompanying you.
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Summer rains

A few days ago, I was at my old apartment looking out of my window, at the rather spread-out tree whose dust-coated leaves I could touch if I put my hand out. It was kind of hot and dusty. I was thinking that the kind of heat we have been experiencing was not very Bangalore-like. Ours was a city known for its pleasant summers. Sadly not any more.:(
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The JW Kitchen experience

My first impression on entering the JW Marriott property in Bangalore, was space, grandeur, elegance and best of all the staff who treat everyone with respectful courtesy. Full marks to their soft skills coach :). These were my thoughts as I made my way to their signature restaurant – the JW Kitchen, which at once is modern and inviting. Its linear wooden shelves showcase herb pots, pickle jars, copper pans, clay pots, different varieties of candies, I also saw some books lined up. All of this adds to the “residential” feel, of the timeless variety.

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