LIFE – Wonderful and bubbly one second,
sobering and hard hitting the next.

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  I truly believe that the joy of life is the trip! Climbing more mountains, going on road trips, watching more sunsets, smelling/drinking fresh coffee, smiling more oftener, seeing humor in everyday life, impromptu picnics, walking barefeet, having happy attacks, collecting moments, trying new and whacky things, experimenting, experiencing, making a  difference… living life my way as I go along.

Music is so, so big with me. I like listening to ballads and songs that throw a punch. I listen to anything that pleases my senses. Sometimes its the melody that haunts or the words that hit or maybe the orchestra-ization or sometimes just the singer and the way inflections work in a song. Love it all.

I love the outdoors and continue to be amazed at god’s creation. Histories of places fascinate while architecture and interiors interest me. Exploring diverse cultures and sampling assorted cuisines has been a passion for a very long time. On my to do list is a wish to travel across the globe and see its different faces – well, as many as I can!

I am taking my life and making it the best story ever. With more laughs. More music. More road trips. More dreaming. More eats. More creating. New destinations. New experiences. Making sure that I look after me and mine, while keeping the health and happiness quotient high.
LIFE – so into it, so full of it!


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