Life’s blessings

Pappa’s memories
Aromatic coffee
Watching the skies from our 14th floor french windows
Madre talking & singing to her plants in the balcony
Kiara’s stories & Kimora’s songs 🙂
The drizzle of rain on my face
Fresh bread & eggs (in all forms)
Giggle-berries with the K’s (Once you get them you cannot actually stop).
My sister-in-law’s healing touch
Impromptu singing
Blasting rock ballads on my speakers
Happy attacks
Brother’s sense of humour
Family smiles
The smell of fresh laundry
Warm fresh towels
Baking smells wafting from a nearby bakery
Playing imaginative & made up games in the car
Simple time together with the family
It is the little things that make life BIG.
This is my list so far for today…
What are the little things that you are thankful for?! 🙂


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