Vanilla walks

After a few minutes of pranayam every morning, the guitar riffs from U2’s Cedarwood Road tell me that it is time for my vanilla walk. I call it that because I have gotten used to spraying a Vanilla sugar mist just before leaving the house šŸ™‚ It was a ritual of sorts and I truly missed it for some months when IĀ  didn’t go on my walks:(. Now that I am back to it, the feeling is one of relief, of feeling less guilty and of being happy.

There is something very calming about the slow pace of the foot hitting the pavement of the walking track. The hint of fog in the morning air and the chirping of birds. I absorb the early rising sun playing hide and seek with floating clouds, sharing its rays to be reflected on apartment window panes on one side and greenery on the other. The red and white hibiscus on the compound wall blooming in all their glory makes me smile. Not to forget the purple petunias and white peace lilies joining the parade of other multicolored flowers (that I do not recognize) but admire, together for a seasonal chorus with the nodding and swaying green trees. Aah! the bliss of serenity.

As I marvel about the powers of nature that open up your senses. A sleepy, “good morning” brings me back to reality in time to see one of the security guards raise his hand in a hesitant wave. I am startled out of my reminiscing and I just smile in acknowledgment and wave back.

I continue on the familiar path and I realize that my feet are familiar with the knots, gnarls, and bumps of the pavement. Some of the same faces walking in the opposite direction and there is a nod and a smile as we greet and pass each other. I am suddenly hit with the thought that there can be comfort in routine. Some routines :).

I look up and i see an elderly gentleman out in the balcony of his 3rd-floor apartment giving his salutations to the sun god while the chanting of shlokas in somebody else’s house assails me. Early morning birdsongs give way to faint whisper like conversations inside of homes and then to crown it all, the aroma of freshly brewing coffee permeates.Yumm :). Telling me that it is time for my hit of caffeine and to start the rest of my day!

I cherish my vanilla walks; A quiet, calming leafy corner in my day before the angry everyday bustle.


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