The first 15 minutes

The gradual opening strains of  Max Carbacho’s ambient atmospheric music, nudges me from my depths of slumber each morning. I start my day with this piece, created with the express purpose of calm and relaxation. 

As the music plays on, I sit up and start off with my daily prayer and pranayam. I listen to this synth driven drifting harmony in tandem with my breathing and surrender myself to  the timeless soundscapes, all of which pervates in me a feeling of happiness like the caress of the morning breeze and conjures calming images,
Of me picnicking with the family near a mountain stream on a spring day;
Of me walking through swishing and swaying maize fields,
Of feeling the tops of the crop brush my fingertips,
Of me catching the sound of gently swooshing wind and the toot of a distant train,
Of me marveling at the shape changing clouds in the deeply blue skies
Of me looking below at the smatterings of wild flowers lining up my path.
I get into the tranquil sphere of peace the music creates and know that these sounds and mental images uplift me.
Reveling in this feeling, I listen to my deepened respiration and become aware of my relaxed heartbeat.
I am happy and I am ready…to take on the day. As I think this, the music changes and the guitar riffs of U2’s “Cedarwood Road” tell me that my first fifteen minutes of mentally communing with nature now needs to give way to the rest of my day.
Hello day! 🙂


4 thoughts on “The first 15 minutes

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  1. Lovely thoughts, simple routine expressed beautifully……….refreshing first 15minutes can change the whole day…….keep going


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