In Pondicherry, after a rather productive morning of shopping at the Hidesign flagship store, Casablanca and Ma Pondy Cherie, we made our way to Rue Suffren for a rather late lunch around 2 pm. After parking the car, we entered this restaurant from its side entrance. The first thing we saw on one of the walls was a “ship’s wheel (helm)” flanked by a gigantic painted, polished replica of driftwood. A vintage road king bike also joined in to welcome us.
A small board directed us to the lift ahead, which lifted and dropped us off at the rooftop straight into our Rendezvous for the afternoon, which also is the name of this muchly, recommended restaurant.

The open and white-on-white ambience of Rendezvous was very soothing after our shopping in town. The area in the center had a U shaped wide seater flanked by a low table, surrounded with a smattering of colored cushions and kitschy hanging lamps. On one side an array of copper and brass pots in different sizes with framed vintage prints added their eclectic appeal. It was all very calming and pleasant.
We were pointed to a table and on sitting, felt the sea breeze blowing our way. Gray clouds pushed away the happy blues in the skies and we weren’t complaining as we welcomed the coolness with both hands.

As we settled in, a hovering waiter came over. We ordered our drinks and starters while contemplating our mains. As I looked around I saw the sea at a distance and heard the swishing of the trees dotted on the road outside from where we were sitting. Delightful!

We were catching up with a dear friend after a long time and soon were immersed in each other’s lives while our drinks arrived , after a while, along with our starter – honey chilli potatoes. It was a very generous portion, crispy enough, tasted pretty decent and vanished within minutes while we replenished our drinks. The guys also decided to split a chicken soup and it took a while for the wait staff to come back to us for our mains. As we had a lot of catching up to do, we didn’t mind it much.

The day’s special of Jumbo tiger prawns had more takers amongst us and we ordered different varieties of the dish along with Pork ribs. As we continued our natter, the clouds slowly took it upon themselves to dim the sun’s brightness. During a lull in our conversation, we had to remind the wait staff to hurry yet again for our mains.
The pork ribs arrived, well cooked in a perfect sweet and sour sauce. The flesh just fell off the bone and had a melt in your mouth consistency. It immediately got a thumbs up. The other prawn dishes were huge in size and in portion. I loved my preparation of gently sauteed rather huge prawns served with hints of basil-garlic-butter and a side of veggies. I had asked for mushrooms in place of mashed potatoes and they readily obliged. The other dish of hot, tangy, spicy and aromatic recheado masala’ed prawns with steamed rice were a big hit with the guys. We all agreed that our varied versions of prawns were fresh, juicy, tender ,succulent and delicious.

After we finished climbing our everest of “prawns”, we saw the wait staff bringing the dessert menu towards us, we collectively shook our heads, no. We had eaten too much to even speak!
As we sat back in various positions as our really full, lethargy driven stomachs allowed, the red “ouch” box landed on our table with our bill inside. 🙂

I get too much happiness from a meal that has gone well. And on that day, lunch at Rendezvous definitely made me happy. The big ouch factor was not so much for the bill, but their service.


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