360º – A walk to remember

My friend Tina and I were vegging out one afternoon at her awesome apartment located at the Dubai Marina. We were bored and were deliberating that we find a place to let our hair down and listen to some music. BB (Tina’s husband) suggested 360º, an iconic, energetic and trendy beach club for its amazing night view of the city among other things. He then proceeded to make reservations for the three of us that evening.
When we reached the Jumeirah beach hotel, the view took my breath away!

360º is a terrace bar that boasts of superb panoramic views of the evolving Dubai skyline. This circular, amazing structure is perched on top of the Marina Seafood Restaurant at the end of a pier and, as the name promises, offering spectacular views in all directions, from the sail-shaped Burj al Arab’s  light shows to the luminous sunsets over the Arabian Ocean. We had a buggy pick us up at the entrance of the Jumeirah Hotel spa, all the way to the bar as it is pretty longish. The connecting walkway is illuminated by small lights and is very breezy and romantic. It definitely is a walk to remember if you chose to do so with the yachts moored all alongside the pier.
We decided to skip the restaurant and climbed up the stairs that took us directly to the terrace bar. I was totally taken in with the surroundings, you just cant get enough of the view.  Burj Al Arab on one side and Atlantis  on the other.

360º is a circular structure where the lounge is lit up in bluish neon lights for a watery ambience, which kind of sets the theme because you are surrounded by the sea on all sides.  The first floor has an indoor air-conditioned lounge on one side and huge sofas that you can sink into with a hookah, dotting the circumference. The DJ station is close to the bar which has a large bar counter set a few steps higher with high stools where  you can sit and soak in the atmosphere or just take a break from dancing. Very hip.

We decided to get our drinks and found, on that particular day, wine was on the house for women customers. BB went ahead and got his choice and we noticed the laid back tunes give way to house music while we sipped our dry white wine. We soon found a gap in the sofas and moved there with our next round of drinks and barbeque wings which were very succulent with their Asian dips.

As we took in the theatre of the setting sun over the Dubai skyline, the yachts illuminated with lights, you realize that this is one view that you just cant get enough of. The atmosphere  changed when the DJ ratcheted it up a notch and helped people get their groove on. Watching people from all over the world, dancing to the DJ’s energetic beats, brought back the fact that this city was literally a global village!

Even though we walked for a very short distance on our way back as we tottered, (hic, I’m blaming the shoes  hic! 🙂 ), this was definitely a walk I will always remember.


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