Breakfast @ Jones the grocer

I am always interested in trying out new eateries.
The whole experience of experimenting with something new, soaking in the ambience and atmosphere, oohing over the food presentation, the food by itself, everything…, interests me. My very good friend and soul sister Tina, knowing this about me talked about Jones the grocer (JTG), an Australian gourmet chain serving food, lip-smacking delicacies and having its own grocery store. I was immediately taken in by the thought of this “destination(?!) café”, if you will.

We decided to go there for a late breakfast and Tina’s husband BB, drove us there. Located in Jumeirah, Dubai, Jones the grocer’s modern glass building is hard to miss. The beautiful building had caught my eyes while driving on this road earlier . Walking through the glass doors, you find yourself in a big bright modern space, all steel and glass, cement flooring and delicious colorful food related stuff. Your eyes dart left and right not knowing where to go first!
The design is contemporary, the atmosphere casual. The cafe is huge, airy and bright and has a fantastic layout with a coffee bar off to one side, a large cooking/preparation area in the middle of the cafe and a mix of table arrangements, from the more casual couches to small and large dining tables. My eyes also went to a black board which spoke about fortnightly master chef classes by executive chefs giving you a chance to learn some simple techniques and pull off their hearty dishes at home.
How I wished I had the time!!!!!  And that we had a Jones the grocer back home in Bangalore! 🙂

After being seated, I immediately attacked the menu. The others already knew what they were ordering so I was the one that was left with a feeling of “everything looks so awesome, what do I order“! 🙂 . While the others ordered eggs benedict and freshly made pancakes. I chose the Jones omelette which the menu described came with shallots, semi dried cherry tomatoes, marinated goat’s cheese,  premium bacon and red pepper piperade. All of us decided to go for fresh juice first and coffees later.

I looked around and found myself in the mix of all kinds of Dubai residents which is as eclectic as it gets. I really liked the whole concept. The open plan layouts, with cheese rooms, sweets counters and European style delis on display while customers, sitting at communal tables, enjoying meals prepared with ingredients straight off the shelves. I also loved that their services included not just a café and grocery store, but they also had a solid following for their bakery stuff like macarons, cheesecakes, brownies, tarts and more, tea & infusions, exotic coffees, cheeses from their fromagerie, their ready to go lunchboxes or catering for events, home ware, gifts and hampers, cookbooks and a growing range of cooking accessories. And the setting of this café/restaurant – a good change away from the malls!

I was told that they also had alfresco dining for when the weather allowed.
Our orders arrived by then and over discussions on a book which BB was reading “God is a gamer’ by Ravi Subramanian, we leisurely polished off our breakfast.
The quality of the food was really fresh, flavorsome and really good. We lingered on.
Our coffees when they arrived, had a complimentary biscotti with it. I love biscottis!  🙂

And I was thinking what a nice way to round off this really awesome breakfast.
Good company, good food, good café and it all happened because of our love for Jones! 🙂

Find of the day at Jones the grocer: Wasabi peanuts!  Very addictive.
One of the most delicious, doesn’t-blow-your-head-off-hot, snacks I’ve had.
The hot wasabi beautifully compliments the sweet peanuts and the end result is a fantastic kick. Quite literally! 🙂


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  1. BB and I were remembering our “Friday” brunches at “jones the grocer” as we had our “Sunday” breakfast at good old “koshys”. It is same to same but different!

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