And the beats go on

It had started drizzling slowly on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Post lunch with nothing to do, a few family members and I decided to go on a drive. It was the perfect weather and we were on our way. There is nothing more blissful than when you are in your car, with an open road ahead of you and most importantly having your favorite music accompanying you.
I started the tune-age off with the soothing sounds of Kitaro’s “Matsuri” and Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia’s “Water poems.  It seemed fitting to see the pooling raindrops as they splattered on the car and danced across the glass. The car’s motion making the raindrops move along in serpentine like patterns. It was one of those times where you didn’t need words to enjoy the magic of the moment . This soon gave way to  hiphop artist Nujabes’ “Aruarian dance, the soothing vibes his music creates, I like.

My brother having tired of this genre of music, decided to amp up and play some of the popular classic hits that we all liked and knew well. He soon had us singing out loud to Chris Rea’s “Road to hell“, and other assorted slow rock ballads. Each one awesome in its own way. We were in need of a change in music again and what better than Deep Purple’s “Highway Star“, where the volume was cranked up so high that the soundboxes under the car seats made our backsides vibrate! 🙂 Sometimes you need mind numbing, teeth rattling  music, right?!  There is a scream at the beginning of this song that my brother and I had perfected in our younger days. Now, can I just say we tried. My cousin who was our spectator, was of the opinion that both of us sounded like a chorus of ailing geese! :):) Was a good reason for a lot of mirth just about then.

Have you ever, while listening to music, come across a song/s that reminds you of someone or makes you think of some place?  Or thought of a song as “oh this is so me“?!  It happens to me most times. Every time I’ve listened to It wasn’t me” by Shaggy, I crack up thinking of my friend, Roy, who used to just drop everything he was doing to render his version of the jiggy. He looked more like he had an alien seizure attack! Was fun to gawk and laugh at our rhythm less friend who was evidently having a party of one. Grand memories.

The rain had stopped by now. We stopped as well and found ourselves in a sleepy little village. At a small “chai” shop we had their special cardamom tea and decided to head back.

The strains of Pink Floyd‘s mysterious and haunting Comfortably Numb soothed us and then Carlos Santana, Indie Arie and Yoyo Ma‘s version of While my guitar gently weeps mellowed us. I so love this version of the Beatles classic. Indie Arie’s vocals are just magic!
Soon enough, Sting’s “Fields of Gold“, started playing. Man that song! That voice! This is one of those “motion picture in your mind” songs. It doesn’t matter where I am, whenever I hear this song it takes me to a happy place. I can see golden stalks swaying in an open field with the sun shining down, walking bare feet, happy faces and clear blue skies with shape changing clouds.  Creates a little version of my own paradise to unwind in. Some songs have that power.
Sometimes I can’t help but feel that our lives should have its own soundtrack!


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  1. Music just completes a moment in life! So many songs are attached to so many memories. So grateful to those who are talented for giving us such a wonderful life 🙂

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