People watching?

Young couple holding hands. Happy. Slowly walking.
Shrill whistle sounds. Red bus with people spilling.
Senior citizens crossing road. Bikes suddenly braking.
A bunch of college students guffawing. Two cyclists wheeling.
Office executives on cell phones. Ladies lunching. Gossiping. Gesticulating.
Harassed father disciplining child. Nephew texting, wife window shopping.
The wailing shriek of an ambulance. A green light. Honking. Cars speeding.
A pleasant breeze. The pitter patter of raindrops. School kids with umbrellas.
Good-looking guy in a hat. Smiling. Swaggering.
A snatch of a tune. Rhythmic. Foot tapping.
Hot croissants and aromatic coffee. Blissfully delectable.
People watching?
Or Just life?


7 thoughts on “People watching?

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  1. Beautiful Composition Liz.
    People watching but many lost in life struggling
    Beautiful life around but many worried for unknown abound
    This is indeed Just Life – make most of this to thrive
    Life – a beautiful gift of nature – love it to nurture

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