Summer rains

A few days ago, I was at my old apartment looking out of my window, at the rather spread-out tree whose dust-coated leaves I could touch if I put my hand out. It was kind of hot and dusty. I was thinking that the kind of heat we have been experiencing was not very Bangalore-like. Ours was a city known for its pleasant summers. Sadly not any more.:(

As if in answer to my thoughts, I saw a few clouds forming, expanding and I felt a cool breeze. Somewhere far away I heard the distinct clap of thunder. Right at that moment it was such a welcome sound!
I look forward to the sun, but in my heart  I’ve always had a soft spot for the colder climes; even though it made me fall ill once in a while.

Soon the tap, tap, tap of the rain drops joined the smoky voice of Alice Russell, whose songs I was listening to.  The drops soon turned into a drizzle and more. I saw people on the road being caught unawares. Some running towards a shelter and a few others enjoying the rain. I saw little kids prancing in the rain and a few more bigger ones making paper boats and trying to sail them in the running rain water.
Aah! the rain in summer, how nice it was! The smell of the fresh, cleansing rain hitting the ground, hearing its sounds and of playful happy children, the cool air.. Putting my hand out again, I touched the now wet-clean leaves from the tree outside. I was happy, being in this moment, sitting back, enjoying and taking it all in.
Simple things. But what a glorious feeling!

I heard my mum calling out. It was time for fragrant ginger tea and piping hot onion pakoras :):)


5 thoughts on “Summer rains

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  1. Killer combo there – the pitter patter of the rain outside and the hot crispy onion pakoras to keep you warm inside. Yummmmm!
    Enjoy these special moments.

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