The Fatty Bao

There are days when you find things just refuse to work or go on strike.
I had one of these rare days a few weeks ago. There were a lot of things that needed to be done and I kind of had a mini meltdown.
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People watching?

Young couple holding hands. Happy. Slowly walking.
Shrill whistle sounds. Red bus with people spilling.
Senior citizens crossing road. Bikes suddenly braking.
A bunch of college students guffawing. Two cyclists wheeling.
Office executives on cell phones. Ladies lunching. Gossiping. Gesticulating.
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Summer rains

A few days ago, I was at my old apartment looking out of my window, at the rather spread-out tree whose dust-coated leaves I could touch if I put my hand out. It was kind of hot and dusty. I was thinking that the kind of heat we have been experiencing was not very Bangalore-like. Ours was a city known for its pleasant summers. Sadly not any more.:(
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Route number 001

A couple of years ago, three of us who lived 30 kilometers and more from the office decided to do our bit to reduce the carbon foot print (And also escape the mind boggling Bangalore traffic with self-driving:)). The office cab was our option. “Let’s give it a shot” – we chorused. So there we were – Deep, Rumana and me from the north side of the city.
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