The JW Kitchen experience

My first impression on entering the JW Marriott property in Bangalore, was space, grandeur, elegance and best of all the staff who treat everyone with respectful courtesy. Full marks to their soft skills coach :). These were my thoughts as I made my way to their signature restaurant – the JW Kitchen, which at once is modern and inviting. Its linear wooden shelves showcase herb pots, pickle jars, copper pans, clay pots, different varieties of candies, I also saw some books lined up. All of this adds to the “residential” feel, of the timeless variety.

The eclectic colors and textures with the clean lines adds to the homely touch. An upscale one 🙂 Spice Terrace and Alba are their other restaurants within the hotel.
We were here for dinner. So quite automatically all eyes turn toward the buffet. :):)
Delicious aromas waft and surround you, enclosing you in its culinary magic. You see food everywhere – to your right, to your left, in front of you, behind you. The extravagant spread has Indian, Pan-asian, French and Italian cuisines. All crafted with care! With the amount of food out there, it strangely doesn’t feel overdone.

After having our wine and cocktails and varieties of starters earlier at the lawns, we headed inside to our table. I decided to have a walk through after settling in, to help me decide what I absolutely needed to eat and what I could let go. It definitely is all about choices 🙂 difficult ones at that; As everything looks so mouth watering and so artfully laid out.

The salad counter was the first where you have several varieties that are already tossed up and ready to go; another section where you can put together a salad of your choice. I saw lots of options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. I came across the soups next followed by a variety breads and a good sampling of cheeses. This was one of my favorite sections 🙂 There was a section for meats which had roast pork and chicken that were being carved, surrounded by varieties of cold cuts. I saw oysters, along with the rest of the sea food and sushi platters. Helpful chefs hovered around to guide you and put together a plate.

There were live stations interspersed in between the array of food where one could put together a pasta dish with the chef’s expert inputs or you could do your own choosing. Ditto for dimsums.
The Indian section (north and south) along with the usual suspects of biryanis, korma’s, curries, rasams, sambars, side dishes, chutneys, pickles and the rightly tempered curd rice; also had a few chaat varieties.
And yes, they also had a dessert counter. There were so many cakes, puddings, pastries, mousse’, pies, crumbles, fruits, candies, icecream (and Im speaking generally). There were also some Indian sweets like the gulab jamun, halwa, kheer and others. One can get totally sugared into this kind of bliss. I’m not much of a dessert person, but I did see the crepes being popular.

Even with a full house, the service was very efficient. The runners were up and about bringing what you needed to your table within a few minutes of asking. Be it rotis or naans, soups, water or any other drink of your choice.

So what did I eat?! I was already half full with the satayed prawns, skewered chicken and paneer kababs I had for starters. I wish I had segmented some more space :(. I was totally sold on the shepherds pie that I had. The sampling of roast pork was subtly flavorful and the sourdough bread was just how I liked it – a hard crust with soft, spongy and textured insides . I made a customized salad of prawns, mushrooms, broccoli and bok choi. I absolutely had no place for anything else! But then again, no worries, like the Aussies say! I will definitely be going back for more, to try out the stuff I couldn’t this time. 🙂

A wonderful and classy experience. Highly recommended.


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  1. You certainly brought the dining experience alive at this restaurant with your vivid description of the ambience and the food alike. Very well written Liz!
    I think JW should get you on as their Star Reviewer and should reward you suitably.

    Liked by 1 person

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