Sleeping in a tree anyone?

My very good friend Dinesh was visiting after a long time. He’s been living in Germany for the last 6 years and is now considering coming back to India and rejoin his family business. Dinesh and his mom came over for lunch a few days ago and we caught up on life and other things.
During the course of our conversation, we started discussing our bucket lists 🙂
I told him that I had a growing one and had ticked off quite a few boxes in there. He then proceeded to tell me the latest adventure that he had ticked off in his. It was camping in a tent whilst being dangled high on a tree, in mid air! I initially thought he was pulling a fast one but he wasn’t . He actually showed me pictures on his mobile phone. He also insisted I visit an extreme sport site which had organized this for him and his friends. Sure enough I saw what he was talking about. Even though the site is in Geman, the pictures were a lot of woww!

After responding to my curious queries about his pictures, Dinesh continued to talk about his experience and said that even though there was an option to sleep in a hanging tent, he chose another exciting route. He went with sleeping on a suspended platform in the trees (apparently there are options!! :). Wooden platforms are suspended between two sturdy trees at the height of about 7 – 10 meters from the ground (which is appox 25 – 30 feet above the ground) and the bedding is situated there. It is all out in the open, while being hung mid air somewhere between the ground and the skies.

A couple of his other German friends chose sleeping in something called a portaledge. This was a fluidized bed suspended from a thick branch. You could reach this floating bed only through rope! And each way took you about 10 – 15 minutes just to reach it!!

After a fun-filled and tiring day of trekking and hiking, he said this was just heaven. Under the canopy of a thousand stars that twinkled and with the cool breeze that was blowing in the Bavarian mountainside, he said he finally realized that silence can be beautiful and couldn’t help but think it was such an undervalued thing. This was big coming from him because Dinesh used to be a drummer for a local heavy metal band.

Dinesh continued and said this adventure firm also had another extreme camping thingy for people who wanted something more dangerous and extraordinary. These guys set up your tent perpendicular to a huge cliff which can be around 1000 to 2000 meters from the ground! One has to rappel to reach this tent. They carry ropes and food and bedding on their way up to set it up and then help you rappel up or down.

As we discussed, gossiped, bantered and argued, I couldnt help but feel wonderfully nice to meet up with a good friend who I hadn’t seen in a while. After hearing his stories, I totally agreed with him that real life was kind of distracting! 🙂


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