The JW Kitchen experience

My first impression on entering the JW Marriott property in Bangalore, was space, grandeur, elegance and best of all the staff who treat everyone with respectful courtesy. Full marks to their soft skills coach :). These were my thoughts as I made my way to their signature restaurant – the JW Kitchen, which at once is modern and inviting. Its linear wooden shelves showcase herb pots, pickle jars, copper pans, clay pots, different varieties of candies, I also saw some books lined up. All of this adds to the “residential” feel, of the timeless variety.

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From the speedy diaries :):)

It was a productive Tuesday. As a team we had achieved a lot in the first half of our work day. It takes a lot of juggling meeting up with team members working in different time zones,  therefore it was doubly great! We had made plans earlier that we’d go out to a quick lunch and zip back in time for a post lunch meeting.
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On the roads in Chennai

It started when four of us (Ravi, Christina, Donston and me-Liz) revved into Chennai city after a loong drive from Bangalore which began at 4 am!
Ravi was the only person in the car who had been to the Chennai office before and he was hands down our navigator and Donston, our pilot. He was telling us that getting to the serviced apartment, Lotus, at Burkit road on T.Nagar where we were to stay, was easy to reach from the office which we came across en route.
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