Switched off

I am one of those people who is mostly(?!) “switched on”, I check my phone first thing in the morning and it is the last thing on my list before I retire at night. I’d like to think that I’m not as bad as my other friends who are constantly facebooking, instagramming, whatsapping and there is one friend who also tweets while in the rest room! It sure is addictive.
I had a much needed mini break recently and had made up my mind to “switch off”. When I did, it initially kind of felt odd when I didn’t have my phone to turn to when I was having a conversation with my family and friends.

The “noise” from all the notifications that I had switched off gave me mild withdrawal symptoms when I didn’t hear the phone alerts interrupting my discussions; or that I didn’t have my phone to “go to” when things got boring or when I wanted to “avoid” someone or just plain “pretended to look busy”:)

I was also not being rude – not checking my phone when people were talking to me. So that was a good thing. Not that you do it intentionally, it just happens right!:)

The following days were not so bad and I kind of got used to my new ways.
I found a lot more peace without the noise, my attention spans improved, I could concentrate better and I enjoyed my moments more. I had a great break sans technology distractions.
I guess its all about appreciating and valuing the small things, the simple things.


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  1. This is a tough challenge but surely something that we all need to take up, especially with our growing dependency on it.
    Food for thought! Thanks for posting and getting me to ponder about it.

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