Working on my re-write:)

I have been writing for as long as I can remember. It started being a little more serious in college, when accidentally a short story I’d written got noticed and got popular. Writing was a private thing – with little notes to myself, capturing a feeling or giving advise to myself when the going got rough. In a way writing sustained a part of me. Maybe the grammar was not so “on point” but you get the gist. 🙂

I was always trying to collect moments and memories with my writing. Sometimes I’ve been successful and the other times I was happy that I tried.
Writing for myself slowly waned over the years. It was only much later it resurfaced again resulting in me being a part of a Writers’ club at work. This gave way to many writing adventures with like-minded colleagues. It also resulted in an internal office blog called – “The road not taken” , Robert Frost’s poem which resonates with me greatly. Each time I read it, it brings out a new facet that I had not thought about earlier and about the choices I’ve made in my life.

All this was over two years ago.

Recently I was re-reading one of my older blog posts and got a little nostalgic. That is what made me want to start writing again.

“To catch a rainbow” is the name of my blog here on word press. Based on a whimsical, lyrical, Pink Floyd-ish and a dreamy ballad I love called “Catch the rainbow” by the 70’s British rock group Rainbow. If you haven’t heard it, Do.
Awesome guitar riffs by Ritchie Blackmore and hauntingly powerful singing by the late Ronnie James Dio. RIP. [He was the one who “threw horns” for the very first time].

I want to rediscover the wonderful feeling when you write for pleasure and for yourself.The thoughts that assail you at first and insist on being written. The flow of words, the forming of a sentence, the construction of a paragraph, the story that shapes up…. then at the end of it all, the wonder of something that you have created!


4 thoughts on “Working on my re-write:)

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  1. Hey Liz it’s so wonderful that you’ve rekindled your passion for writing. The name chosen for your blog is so apt since it is like the seven colors of the rainbow. Not confined to just one particular subject. Keep writing girl!

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  2. Congratz! for starting your personal blog… loved reading your blogs in office blog now would look forward to them here….!
    “Catch the Rainbow” is so apt as a name for the blog.

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