Giving thanks

I have always found the tradition of thanksgiving amazing.

Thanksgiving in America (thanks Google!) has its origins in the year 1623, Plymouth Masschussets where the said governor of the region, proclaimed to the pilgrims to gather and render thanks to the Almighty for all his blessings. The holiday commemorates a harvest festival celebrated by the Pilgrim Fathers and is held on the fourth Thursday in November. In Canada, a similar holiday is celebrated usually on the second Monday in October.

So while the US and Canada celebrate this festival, I was wondering if we have such equivalent traditions here in India?
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In Pondicherry, after a rather productive morning of shopping at the Hidesign flagship store, Casablanca and Ma Pondy Cherie, we made our way to Rue Suffren for a rather late lunch around 2 pm. After parking the car, we entered this restaurant from its side entrance. The first thing we saw on one of the walls was a “ship’s wheel (helm)” flanked by a gigantic painted, polished replica of driftwood. A vintage road king bike also joined in to welcome us.
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My Iftar food walk

Iftar is the religious observance of breaking a fast  when the azaan is called out by muezzins from mosques after sunset. This happens during the holy month of Ramadaan or Ramzaan like how it is known here in in India. About five years ago, we started going to the iftar spreads to indulge in the meaty treats at Frazer town, Bangalore. It continues even now.

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Gypsy Chinese

A visiting American colleague recently mentioned that she had “IndoChinese cuisine” for lunch that day. She also said that the same dishes in the US tasted much different. This made me think that it is true that most restaurants’ alter the taste of continental food a wee bit to cater to local palates. Continue reading “Gypsy Chinese”

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